Monday, November 7, 2016

Bally Nip-it: Desperation, the mother of invention

Here's a picture of Nip-it with two multimeters and the PF apron removed.

Let me explain a bit.

I'm play testing the game with an intermittent problem and I need to know the exact moment when the Outhole relay and the 2nd ball relay are energized. I obviously can't play the game and look at the relays at the same time. The solution: put a multimeter on each relay set on ACV.

The interplay of these two relays is critical for the proper operation of the game. The Outhole relay,  2nd ball relay and the ball trough switches affect the ball count unit stepping up and the multiball logic of the game.

I'm playing the game and paying close attention to the actuation of the aforementioned relays by way of the meters when a ball drains. All in the hope of catching the bug.

More details in a future more elaborated post.

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