Saturday, October 28, 2017

My Next Project

I've been asked by a few fellow pinball collectors what's my next project now that OXO is done.

It's not like I lack options...

Bally Challenger
Bally Beach Time
Bally 2 in 1
Bally Stock Market
Gottlieb Score Card
Sea Breeze

To name only a few

The "B side" of the basement is a mess!

My next project is enjoying what I have in my gameroom. Taking the time to stop and enjoy what I've accomplished so far. I've been repairing games non stop since September 2012. I've had a game (a long series of games) in my repair bay for the last 5 years. Some of it is a bit of a blur. All this dedication to amusement machine repair; was I running from something? Perhaps. I need a bit of a break. A bit of a breather.

I will prioritize helping other collectors with their projects. Pinball is supposed to be a social activity.

I try to spend some of my free time in my basement game room, playing games, drinking beer and listening to music.

I have 5 CD changer I hooked up to my obsolete stereo. I put it in spiral mode.
As I write these words, the 5 CD's are

Beatles Abbey Road
Radiohead Airbag / How Am I driving
Kraftwerk Man-Machine
The Smiths Meat Is Murder
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures

With the music blaring, all my games ON, lights flashing, chimes ringing and the right blood alcohol level: the moment is sweet. What's not to like.

Basement Game Room

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