Sunday, May 20, 2018

MANIX: The Edge lit Display Slot Machine Unicorn?

Now here's something I've never seen before. Never heard of anything like it either: A Slot Machine Using what looks to be custom Edge Lit Displays with fruit symbols. Crazy! That's MANIX.

When I first saw this ad, I thought Manix used custom Nixie Tube displays, but further research and observation leads me to think they used Edge Lit Displays. I speculate the prospect of making custom Nixie tubes with fruit symbols would have been prohibitively expensive.

I found the ad in the Canadian Coin Box Magazine of December 1976 at page 19. The CCBM was a monthly magazine for Operators in the Amusement and Music Industry.

Notice how there's a spelling mistake in the ad (MANIX or MANNIX ?). Notice the exciting Hold and Draw feature. The Interwebs is very thin on information about this slot machine. I dont even know if MANIX ever went into production or if it was just a startup that never took off. Old school Vaporware? It came out of Las Vegas Nevada of course.

I think I've found my new unobtanium flying unicorn grail.

My guess is that Manix display technology was already outdated by 1977. Maybe thats why MANIX didn't catch on. Electronic slot machines came out in 1975 as did the first Video Poker machines. They would be industry standards by the dawn of 80's.

If you don't know what are Edge lit displays is, HERE is the link to the wikipedia entry

If you want something to watch, here's a video by Techmoan asssembling a Edge lit display clock kit

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