Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reflections triggered by my 35th birthday

Yesterday, I passed the 35th mile marker of my life.

As I eat the leftover birthday cake. I reflect on the state of my life as it is.

None of my pinball friends remembered to send me a birthday email or even a text message. This is the sad state of my social life.

However I have no anger or animosity towards my friends. I can only blame myself for not being present enough in their lives.

Upon further reflection, I realise my pinball collecting is unsustainable. My place is packed with games. I'm out of space.

2017 was a fantastic year for acquiring machines, but now, my place is packed. Splitting at the seams.

I have to decide what kind of collector I want to be:

A bingo machine preservationist

A collector of Jerry K. Kelley art

Or a curator of an awesome electromechanical pinball collection.

I do not have the space to be all three . It's really hard to decide. I tried to have some sort of decisional process to determine what to keep:

Is is a EM multiball game?
Is it Jerry Kelley art?
Does it have a lift-up top glass Frame? (Bally games made between 1967 and early 1974)
Is it super rare?
Does it give me butterflies when I play it?

But this decisional process only points towards unloading 2 games out of my collection? And it doesn't even cover the bingo machines.

I have some serious thinking in front of me. Grr


  1. As someone who collects a lot of the art, I highly recommend not keeping games just for looks. Old playfield and backglasses are very satisfying for the artwork and are easily mounted to save lots of room.
    I like the balance of bingos and EM wonders you have curated.

    1. Thanks for the advice Cait.
      Personally, I think the only way to appreciate pinball artwork is to have the whole machine. To me, just having a playfield or a glass puts the art out of context.

      If it wasn't for the fact that bingos are so heavy, I would rotate the machines in my collection. At the moment, I have a bunch of bingos that just feel like they are in the way.

  2. Yeah I guess I don't mind the context shift, but I can def see how the total package brings it all together. Mind you, I am also working with different space logistics.
    I wish I didn't have the Stairs Of Death or I would put an offer in on a bingo. Any room to build a secondary building in the back? ;)

    I have unrealistic dreams of one day founding a pinball repair/maker space with lots of overflow warehousing storage.

  3. I dream of having some building in eastern ontario to showcase my collection. A pinball museum of sorts.