Sunday, September 11, 2016

New arrival: Bally Mystic Gate 20 hole Bingo Machine!

Bally Mystic Gate in the living room

This is my first 20 hole bally bingo machine. Mystic Gate was released in 1975.

It has a 40 coin limit. It's main feature is the Gate on the top arch. When active allows you to shoot the ball directly to the second row. Might come in handy. Otherwise it's a very basic mystic line game. Anyway, it's a pretty rare game, even more so in my part of the world. I straight traded a Gottlieb Sure Shot, that I fixed up, but that was in rough shape, for this game. The numbers probably don't add up but I HATED Sure Shot so for me it was all good.

Gottlieb Sure Shot

To me, Mystic Gate is not a proper 20 hole: no extra balls and no side game but 20 hole games are pretty rare here in Quebec so I have to make do with what's available. Also, since the card is identical to most 20 hole games, for the exception (off the top of my head) on super 7 and bonus 7, it will allow me to get the hang of the card and moving the numbers around.

More to come as I still haven't assembled the game. Cant wait to debug it and play it.

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