Monday, October 24, 2016

New arrival: 1973 Bally Nip it

Picked up a Bally Nip it. The last bally EM with zipper flippers and the last EM multiball. Best known for being featured in Happy Days.

Once I got it home I did something I rarely do anymore. I set it up to play. Usually a game just sits there a few days before I do something with it.

I had good fun playing the game in the middle of the living room. I got a large can of malty libation juice. Soaking in the new purchase that reminded me of my teenage years. Until I noticed that one of the playfield plastics was missing. Damn pinball fever! I was blind to notice the missing part when I went to look over the game at the seller's.

I quickly perused the interwebs. No luck finding nip-it plastics.


  1. By chance would,you have any pics of the wiring on the coin door. I have a 73 bally odds and evens that someone hacked the wiring and im trying to put it back together. Any help would greatly be appreciated