Monday, October 10, 2016

Status Report, Montreal trip and new arrival: Keeney Mountain Climber

Status Report:

My place is a mess!

Not enough space for the size of my collecting ambitions. Not only do I like collecting large coin operated things. I like collecting large worthless, but electromechanically very interesting, coin op gambling machines.

Upstairs I have Bally Firecracker and Bally Hokus Pokus set up. Then North Star Sea Breeze that's in for repair. Next is Bally 1936 Challenger, a one ball game, still in the same spot as when I brought it in from the Mississauga trip. At the minimum, it needs a bit a bit of carpenters glue to stabilize the cabinet. Then it's Williams Four Star that's 99% of the time working like it should. Bally Surf-Club, I installed a new ball lift motor. I'm still waiting for a friend to lend a hand to install the head. Finally the new arrival, Keeney's Mountain Climber.

Upstairs is a mess

Keeney's Mountain Climber

Downstairs, there's Bally Mystic Gate and Keeney's Little Buckaroo that don't really have a place to go to. They're in the middle of the gameroom.

Mountain Climber is the second keeney upright I acquire in less than a month. The first was Keeney's Little Buckaroo. I got that game because I sorta gave up on finding a Keeney upright with panascope (A.K.A. IEE displays). A couple of weeks later, I find exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Mr. Murply!

Looking at all this electromechanical flotsam, I'm thinking: "If I'm going to have all this weird and rare EM crap, might as well write about it since there's not much information on these games on the interwebs. It's almost like they don't even exist." I mean I should try to share my passion about these EM wonders.

Montreal Trip

Right after work I drove straight to Sainte Marthe Sur le lac to pick up the Keeney Mountain climber, that I found on the kijiji, at an antique shop.

The place closed at 5pm. The Google map robot told me I should arrive at 4:48pm. Not much wiggle room. I got there at 10 to 5. Walking in, the antiques store lady asks me: "Are you the gentleman we're waiting for?" I reply "possibly". The dude picking up the Mountain climber. The lady proceeded to showing me the game. I had a look inside the game. I told the lady that I dont care about the cosmetics as long as everything seems to be there. Everything was indeed there except for the hopper since this is a UK game and people here generally don't know what shillings are.

I had already stated via email that I would pay the modest amount that was asked for the game. After looking over the game, the lady anxiously asked if I would pay the amount we discussed. I confirmed with a "sure, no problem". I could see that the lady was anxious for someone to take away this heap. We then proceeded to cram the game into the Sienna. No problems there.

Turns out the antique shop was trying to unload this thing for a number of years. I told the antiques lady I've been looking for a projection display upright game like this for a couple of years. I didnt say that she wanted for it half of what I offered as a bounty for this POS. I guess everybody's happy in the end.

After wrapping up the Keeney upright stuff, I drove straight to the North Star Pinball bar on rue Saint-Laurent in Montreal to meet-up with my mates Rob and James. Where for the rest of the evening, I responsibly indulged in conversation, Stout, pickled eggs and pickled cucumbers.

Early Saturday morning, me and Rob did a service call on a very sick Bally Aladdin's Castle. We finally got the game playing right. I could see that the owner was happy about being finally able to play his game and Rob was relieved that this particular service call the close to be finished.

Then we did the Saturday Lineup Check at the North Star that was really relaxed since we didnt have any major issues to deal with. Just regular maintenance and preventive maintenance. Then we shot the shit at the North Star. I had this idea for a picture I wanted to make so I got James to take it.

Picture by James Schidlowsky 

I think it gives a good idea of the mood of the North Star, lights and all. It's myself Pindude152 comparing the North Star logo in my Richelieu with the reproduction on the North Star bar's wall. That 16 should be a 46

Detail shot of a North Star Richelieu score motor panel
Late Saturday evening, I drove back home. The drive was uneventful.

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