Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dreaming the Coin-Op dream: JCM Coin Ace coin counter

Here is a bit of amusement operator paraphernalia: A vintage Japan Cash Machine Coin Ace model CS-20 coin counter.

Picked it up at the local thrift store for a song. As you can see, it's missing a cover, but it's otherwise 100% functional despite the sad looking drive belts.

It separates and counts coins at lightning speed. You adjust the diameter and thickness for the desired denomination (coin size) you want to count. It can count continuously or it can count a desired number of coins and the it stops. The counted coins come out from the front and the rejected coins come out on the side.

The change counter proudly sports a Laniel Canada sticker. Laniel Canada is a distributor of vending and beverage equipment and supplies. According to their website, the company was founded in 1935. They are still in existence as I write these words.

Oddly enough, about 2 years ago. I picked up a bunch of nickel and dime coin wrappers at the same thrift store. The dime wrappers were stamped Laniel Canada and the nickel wrappers were stamped Wico, which had the same address as Laniel Canada. Wiko Canada was also a distributor of vending and amusement parts and supplies, they were at the second floor of the Laniel Canada building.

I imagine there's an old retired coin-op in town that dropped a bunch of coin counting stuff at the thrift store.

Now I could play coin-op. Count coins, wrap them in period correct wrappers and then play whole rolls of coins in my games. Yay!

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