Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pinball lifestyle: "The dose makes the poison"

To loosely quote Paracelcus:

"The dose makes the poison"

I might be getting close to the lethal dose of pinball... Maybe not, I have observed fellow humans with a lot more games than me. I'm safe, for now.

But I have a heck of alot of games. Alot for the small space I live in

Here is the latest pictorial inventory of my... I can't really say gameroom anymore. It's more like a game house.

Observe and enjoy!

Les cardiaques et les femmes enceintes sont priées d'éviter ce spectacle effrayant!


Firecracker, a Bally game designed by Harry Williams, one of my personal favorite games

Bally Nip-It, the latest project. Tastefully modded by moi. Still fun.

Bally Surf Club bingo, with the mixer taken apart for a cleaning. I have a recurring problem with the neatsfoot oil that goes sticky. To be continued.

Williams Four Corners. Every picture tells a story. She is filled with secrets.

The ole Nishijin Super DX pachinko game. I've had this game for over 16 years.

Bally Hokus Pokus. Sadly, I don't have any room for this game at this point in time.

The Booz-Barometer. Circa 1958. A gift from my Ole Pa a long time ago.

North Star Richelieu. Bally Challenger one ball and Keeney Thriller. Future projects. Treasure Trove.


Enjoy the view. I know I do.

Interflip "BAO!" Dragon, Bally "camel toe" Wizard! and Bally "Brass Bra" Lost World: my only solid state game

Bally Flip-Flop, Twin Win, Big Valley

Bally Carnival Queen Bingo, my first magic screen bingo.
Watling penny scale
Bally Super Wall Street Bingo. My first bingo machine. Pictures of the backglass of my game seen here were used with my permission in Nick Baldridge's virtual bingo.
Bally Miss Universe. Good looking game, awful gameplay.

... Bally Golden Gate and Mystic Gate Bingo

Keeney Little Buckaroo Upright
Bally bottomless hopper slot machine
Midway's Space Gun. My one and only gun game.
Midway's Table Tennis Remote Controlled wall game. The remotes are HUGE
AMI D-80 jukebox. My first restoration attempt.


Projects and extra games

Bally Surf Club Bingo
Williams Spark Plugs Horsey game. Gambling machine in disguise
United's Singapore Bingo
Bally Star-Jet pinball. The first EM multiball that established the 3 ball multiball mode.

The Borg cube of extra games, projects and parts machines


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