Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pinball lifestyle: Community and Bally Venice

Bally Venice is assembled in my workshop. To get it there, I needed the help of a few friends. I am grateful for their assistance.

1968 Bally Venice Bingo
When you're in a hobby like Bingo machines, you need a network of friends around you. Because bingo machines are few and far between, you need people on the lookout for you. Bingo machine heads are really heavy, you need help to move them. Also, you absolutely need the manual and schematic if you hope to being able to fix the game and usually, they're not inside the game.

Whether it's lending parts to a buddy that needs to get a game working asap OR riding shotgun for a seemingly dodgy pinball transaction. To appreciate pinball as a hobby, you need people around you.

I was thinking the other day about the difference between a "normal friend" and a "pinball friend". I keep a mental list of my normal friends who have given me help to move or assemble a pingame because it's unlikely they will do it a second time. On the other hand, I have a few pinball friends that are always ready to help move something big and heavy down the stairs, and myself, I will help them however I can. has always been the source for bingo documentation. Until now, the website however did not have any good pictures of the Venice internals so I will gladly send the pictures to Phil so that bingo aficionados all over the interwebs can use for reference.

Now that Venice is assembled I will work on it when I have the time. I have other shop jobs to take care of. Most of the switch points in Venice need burnishing and the special game is a mystery, but all of the internals are sound and when I first put the power on to the game, the credits on the display knocked off to zero so the games isn't completely brain dead.

Special Thanks to:

R.A.B. For acting as a broker in the Venice transaction
James S. For letting me store the game at his place for the weekend and letting me crash there overnight.
Bob G (ShootAgain). For helping me lift the head into place.
Julie L. For general help and understanding.
Phil Hooper For his website the best and only place for bingo manuals and schematics

More pictures of this EM juggernaut

Bally Venice Head
Bally Venice door

Bally Venice special game panel

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