Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Zip tie moments at Canada Pincon 2018

Here are a few zip tie moments at Canada Pincon 2018. The event was held on June 2nd and 3rd in Vankleek Hill Ontario.

I had a few games in the free play area and a couple more in the history section.

Free play area

 I did a few shifts of guide duty in the history section.

History section

The first Zip ties moment is out of my 1966 Bally Capresville. It was the simplest way to put the game on free play. A loose zip tie stopping the credit wheel to go down to zero. No bending switch blades, no messing with alligator clip test leads. Temporary. Does the job.

Zip tie in Capersville

The second one was out of my 1939 Keeney Thriller. The machine kept tilting because of low line power issues. Too many machines. Too long extension cords. The "hold" relay kept dropping out.

Solution: Zip tie on the switch for the relay hold in circuit.

Zip tie in Thriller

Sometimes, you have to improvise.

In french speaking Quebec, we call zip ties "Tie wraps". No to be confused with Thai Rap.

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